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CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra Multilenguaje
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Respuesta: CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra Multilenguaje 1681 - 308 - 31   01-05-2013, 12:19 PM
[Imagen: db77588bb2ab5e2824c09dc1cbf70edd.jpg]

PowerDirector 11 Ultra Provides The easiest and fastest way to create home videos. Packed with innovative video technologies to automate and speed up time video processing, PowerDirector 11 Ultra Comes With more than 100 built-in effects and access to more than 300,000 free effects at CyberLink's online community, Allowing you to create pro-looking home Videos with ease. Also includes PowerDirector Ultra PowerDirector Mobile for you to create videos on-the-go with your Windows ® 8 Tablets.

Content-Aware Editing

[Imagen: fd00.jpg]

PowerDirector 11's Content-Aware Editing Provides a revolutionary way to edit video projects. The advanced built-in technology magically Analyzes major scenes,: such as Those with faces, motion, zoom or pan, and hones in on imperfections That can be improved using TrueTheater ®,: such as poor lighting, and shakiness. Editing video is now Easier, faster and more efficient than ever.

Quality Beyond HD - 4K Video Support

[Imagen: fg00.jpg]

PowerDirector 11 is the first and only consumer video editing software to support end-to-end editing of 4K ultra HD video format. Supports import of 4K camera videos from the latest devices, edit more Efficiently with TrueVelocity and produces breathtaking 4K movies on disc or publish online right from your desktop.

Design Studio

[Imagen: fa00.jpg]

Need more tools to help make your production look unique? PowerDirector 11's new Design Studio tools Come With four new designer tools: Title Designer, PiP Designer, Particle Designer and Menu Designer. You can use the full screen editing interface and timeline for a more accurate design animation, particle effects over or overlay titles. Apply reflection effects to title text or PiP objects, or use the 4-colored gradient to make your title text really stand out.

Multi-GPGPU Acceleration

[Imagen: fh00.jpg]

TrueVelocity ® 3 now supports multi-GPGPU so you can maximize performance from multi-graphic cards installed and optimize editing, rendering and effect processing speeds.

Premium Content Pack

The Content Aware Editing system is an interesting new addition, although it is not included in the Deluxe version, just Ultra and above. You choose a clip, and right click to edit In this mode, que begins analysis of the footage. When this is complete, a new window Appears with a timeline showing how the clip divide into sections. Any zooms are detected and shown, as are pans. But the software will Also Indicate When faces are onscreen, When there is motion in the frame, and when to poor lighting or shaky video is detected. With the Latter two, there's a simple icon to enable automatic fixing of Both problems, que works extremely quickly. However, the concept behind this system Is that you can quickly find the interesting portions of your clips, then mark These as selected or deselected. For example, the assumption Is That You will probably want footage With people's faces in it (: such as family members) and action, rather than sections with nobody in them and nothing happening.

Effects CyberLink PowerDirector 11

A selection of smaller Have Been editing enhancements included too. You can undock the preview window and move it on its own to a second monitor, then Maximise it for a full-screen preview. Ripple editing lets you add or remove clips Whilst Maintaining the alignment of the rest of your edit. You can choose to overwrite, or move just the Affected track to the right, or even move all tracks to the right. There are now hotkeys for various commands, que you can Customise As desired, for example replicating the commands used by an editing application You have used before. The Design Studio now includes timeline-based Designers for Titles, Menus, Picture-in-Picture and Particle Effects. You can create four-color gradient borders in the Picture-in-Picture, Title and Menu Designers, too.

The effects included Also have been expanded, although not all versions will have this. A couple of additional packages NewBlueFX Have Been included. There are 10 new motion effects and 12 new paint effects from NewBlueFX, as well as a new Premium Pack Content supplied by CyberLink itself. This includes a host of new content for the title, particle, picture-in-picture and menu designers. However, PowerDirector Deluxe just gets the original 10 NewBlueFX Effects and Content Pack Essential. It's Also worth Noting That none of the NewBlueFX filters are GPU accelerated.

Plataforma: Windows
Idioma: Multilenguaje
Tamaño: 991 MB
Servidor: Gamefront

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Respuesta: CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra Multilenguaje 1 - 0 - 0   08-05-2013, 11:04 AM
muchas gracias amigo

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