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FlatOut Street Legal Racing - Live Edition (repack) [final version]
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Respuesta: FlatOut Street Legal Racing - Live Edition (repack) [final version] 1352 - 597 - 139   06-02-2013, 01:18 AM
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[Imagen: 8127428019_864e272e37_m.jpg]

- Sistema Operativo: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7 (32 bits) [Windows 8 no probado]
- CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better (1.8 Ghz)
- RAM: 500 MB
- HDD: 2 GB
- Tarjeta Gráfica: 32MB video card
- Extras: DirectX 9.0c, Tarjeta de sonido

- Sistema Operativo: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 bits) [Windows 8 no probado]
- CPU: AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 2.61 GHz
- RAM: 256 MB
- HDD: 4 GB
- Tarjeta Gráfica: GeForce 9500GT 1 Gb or better
- Extras: DirectX 9.0c, Tarjeta de sonido

Sobre la versión (FlatOut Street Legal Racing - Live Edition)
Cita:Fixed in v2.3.0. LE:
- Added: 13 cars, 13 maps, 3 garage and 2 shops;
- New modes: Circuit Racing, Time Attack, Deathmatch Derby, Radar Trap, Vehicle transport;
- After the creation of a new career you need to pass two exclusive missions;
Passage of a new system-career;
- Added MapSelector containing 27 events (in the events affect the passage);
- For each event has its own image on your screen;
- For each card set GPS, asphalt surface, sand, grass, and as prescribed large number of objects;
- Replace the entire soundtrack and replaced most of the sounds;
- New interface in the garage;
Global change-directory;
- 2 New font;
- Main Menu suffered a global change (a new scene, camera animation, interface, remove the unnecessary sections of the main menu);
- Entered the game for free repair markers that can be obtained during the passage of a career;
- Increasing the number of street racers from 60 to 90;
- Created 89 contenders for night dredge;
- A new button in the garage "Player Info" where you can see the player stats;
- Splash screen;
- Reset of physics as it was in the net 221;
New hot-key (reset the car - R, the acceleration of time - 2, the slowing of time - 1)
- Added a new item to register for ROC without it, not to get to the championship;
- Replaced the car Fake Racers;
- Replaced by the texture of characters;
- Increased light washers;
- Added HD mod; (by Albert);
- Fixed a bug in the dialog box (the text was abroad framework);
- Off cheats;
- See "CREDITS" topped the list of people that I actively helped to develop fashion;
As well as many more pleasant things!

- Traditional career starts (empty garage, a small amount of money to buy a new car);
- After creating a new profile in b \ y store will be 3 different as car Grinder. this possibility will not be at another entrance to the store;
- Fixed a better result since the last round on all tracks (previously it was not processed);
- A few modifications in the main menu (deleted extra text in dialog boxes, some icons are locked as it should be);
- A new section in the main menu, which contains all the addons cards and machines. setting of your choice;
- On the test track the opportunity to collect results in ski jumping (maximum speed, the length of the flight);
- Deleted SPLASH.DLL because of requests from players who swear antivirus on this file;
,Returned to traffic on maps (previously removed due to problems with the shadows);
,Completely revised regime Radar Trap (new car, new results set reset timer button is activated to the main menu);
The Commission moved to a new section in the main menu, and now is in no way related to a career (you can get them at any time);
- All tracks appeared restart as in the game menu, and in the end of the race;
- Bots have the opportunity to recover (turning the wheels) on all tracks;
- On all the objects changed weight;
- Otskriptovany following cars: CTR, Insetta, Insetta Sport, SpeeDevil, Sparrohawk, Road King, Flatmobile. (Improved management and behavior on landing after a flight);
ValoCity-added new texture surface; Increased strain-rate machines;
- For all possible sites in ValoCity got its own shadow;
- Traffic got their shadows throw away car (previously texture);
- New prizes (first prize is awarded cash prize and a free car repairs); Soundtrack-topped 10 new tracks;
- Returns all whales.

and several other improvements.

[Imagen: 8105398453_2d463ceabc_m.jpg]

FlatOut Street Legal Racing (Live Edition) + Savegame (1ª carrera)
Contenido Oculto:

Debes responder para ver este contenido

[Imagen: 8105398339_0bd7254cdf_m.jpg]

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

Gameplay 3

Gameplay 4

Instrucciones de instalacion (básicas)
- Ejecutar el archivo ".exe", esperar a que carge (puede tardar un poco, dependiendo de la velocidad de vuestro sistema.
- Elejir la ruta de instalación preferida (por defecto, en la raíz del HDD C://)

Información sobre el juego
- Es un archivo ".exe" comprimido que incluye la base de FlatOut 2 y Mods del juego Street Legar Racing RedLine.
- El idioma de instalación del repack se puede elejir entre Inglés/Polaco/Ruso.
- Para poder jugar, hace falta ejecutar el juego desde el propio .exe de la carpeta de instalación, o crear un acceso directo al lugar preferido del mismo; ya que no crea un acceso directo durante la instalación.
- El juego esta en su última versión de edición (2.3.0. LE).

Información sobre Savegame
- Incluye la primera carrera superada, para aquellos que les cueste superar dicha prueba.

- La calidad de los gráficos al jugar dependerá enormente de nuestra tarjeta gráfica.
- Si usted tiene un sistema débil y en ValoCity por alguna razón el juego se bloquea al escritorio, debe desactivar las sombras en opciones de video.
- En la raíz de la carpeta del juego se encuentra "resolución de la pantalla" en ella, puede seleccionar la configuración deseada para la resolución de su pantalla (4:3, 5:3, 5:4, 8:5, 16:9, 25:16). Agregar archivos a la carpeta especificada.

Para cada cuerpo del coche retiene todos los skins que se pueden cambiar manualmente. Para hacer esto: ir a la carpeta \ \ corredores de autos \ namecar_data \ textures \ piel, copie el archivo deseado y péguelo en \ \ corredores de autos \ namecar_data \ textures

Albert, DenDav, Deniskomarov, Drifter, Grave, Karman, Miran, Murdoch, RAXAT, Razeil, Robban_9000, Smouk2, SnakeR, Vsed.

[Imagen: 8102588166_4e01299888_n.jpg]

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Respuesta: FlatOut Street Legal Racing - Live Edition (repack) [final version] 107 - 0 - 0   06-02-2013, 01:37 AM
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Respuesta: FlatOut Street Legal Racing - Live Edition (repack) [final version] 1 - 0 - 0   25-10-2013, 01:26 AM
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Respuesta: FlatOut Street Legal Racing - Live Edition (repack) [final version] 1 - 0 - 0   22-11-2013, 02:33 PM
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