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    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - RE: Capítulo final - Paul Haslinger (2016) [AAC]


    Escritor Friki



    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - RE: Capítulo final - Paul Haslinger (2016) [AAC]

    [center]Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - RE: Capítulo final - Paul Haslinger (2016) [AAC]
    [ RAR | AAC | 256 kbps | 101.96 MB ]


    La música, como toda manifestación artística, es un producto cultural. El fin de este arte es suscitar una experiencia estética en el oyente, y expresar sentimientos, emociones, circunstancias, pensamientos o ideas. La música es un estímulo que afecta el campo perceptivo del individuo; así, el flujo sonoro puede cumplir con variadas funciones (entretenimiento, comunicación, ambientación, diversión, etc.).

    Info Disco:

    Artist: Paul Haslinger
    Title: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Year Of Release: 2016
    Label: Constantin Music
    Genre: Soundtrack
    Quality: AAC 256 Kbps
    Total Time: 44:45 min
    Total Size: 101 MB


    01. This Is My Story
    02. A Force so Evil
    03. Return to the Hive
    04. The Turbine Sequence
    05. Make It Right
    06. Entering Raccoon City
    07. Tunnel Vision
    08. I Promised You an Answer
    09. Seal the Hive
    10. History Is Written by the Victors
    11. Downloading Alicia's Memories
    12. Laser Corridor Revisited
    13. Ascension
    14. Isaac's Demise
    15. The Anti-Virus Sacrifice
    16. Why am I Alive
    17. Towards a New Horizon
    18. My Work Is Not Done
    19. The Run Towards the Crater

    Trained at the Academy of Music in Vienna, Austria, Paul Haslinger graduated straight into active work in the European music business, first recording with Hypersax, culminating in his joining Tangerine Dream in time for the recording of Underwater Sunlight. Haslinger brought a certain amount of structure to the band's compositions, resulting in some of the more improvisational elements being jettisoned; the change in direction shaped the progress of the group into the 1990s.

    Haslinger remained with Tangerine Dream until the end of 1990, pursuing graduate studies in music between recording dates and live tours, appearing on more than fourteen albums, regular and soundtrack, before his departure (a fifteenth album, the soundtrack to The Park Is Mine, appeared in 1992).

    In 1991, he began a collaboration with Lightwave, a French experimental group. He relocated to Los Angeles at the same time, eventually creating a studio that he dubbed "The Assembly Room." His pace of work has never slackened - two albums with Lightwave, the release of Future Primitive (under his surname only), and the release of World Without Rules are the tip of the iceberg. Haslinger has provided music for everything from interactive CD-ROMs to convention openings. He has also developed his own unique musical processes to help drive his creativity and to lead him interesting musical directions, with the Coma Virus album Hidden displaying some of the results of these "Assembly strategies."

    [center]Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - RE: Capítulo final - Paul Haslinger (2016) [AAC]
    [ RAR | AAC | 256 kbps | 101.96 MB ]










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    RE: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - RE: Capítulo final - Paul Haslinger (2016) [AAC]
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